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Basement Construction


Maximise your Living Space with Basement Construction

The ongoing battle for more space within our family homes just seems to be never ending. With the cost to move house proving expensive people are turning their heads downwards to underneath their homes.

Basement construction can maximise the amount of space within a home whilst also creating a really stunning place to relax, unwind, and play games or whatever it is that the basement is constructed specifically for. Requirements that are laid out luckily when it comes to basement construction they have the potential to meet density requirements whilst also managing to pass planning permissions because sometimes planning restricts the height of dwellings.One primary advantage of basements is that they offer the potential for meeting density requirements whilst continuing to deliver the living space which consumers are increasingly demanding in family homes. 
However although masonry and concrete construction are very familiar to those within this industry basements are now more commonly being constructed with sheet or contiguous piles and modular units. This particular way of carrying out basement construction requires a very different set of skills the site staff require training and skills to ensure that the end product is something which meets the specification and more importantly the expectations of the customer need to be met. At Jai we have built several basements in the North & East of London over the last 10 years.

Overall Basement Construction can prove to provide customers with greater living space which is stylish and can be made specific to a certain purpose, for example a home gym or home cinema. The government are backing the idea of basement construction and this is proving good for the marketplace at this current economic time. Please Contact us for more information and quotes about basement construction